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One you dont see everyday!

This beauty is a custom build for Matt Cruz. He is a super good player in the LA area. He came with a request for a unique shape electric guitar and also some very particular requirements. That is right up our alley, so to speak, and we jumped at the chance to build this guitar for Matt.

It is a semi-hollow body, Torrefied Flame Maple top, and old Mahoghany back. Finished in clear polyester with a slight "burst" on the top.

The body has a slight curve to wrap around you just a bit, with a switch to play the pickups full humbucker or split coil either one.

A beautiful Mahogany old growth neck with beautiful tuners.

The body is only 1.5 inches thick

It is a beauty to play as well as to look at.

We specialize in making unique instruments, unique shapes, whatever your idea of a dream instrument. Give us a call and lets talk about building you something of your own idea, or maybe a version of this design.


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