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About Us

        J-Dub Guitars operates out of the city of Costa Mesa in California. Founded in 2007 with a desire to build beautiful, custom, boutique guitars. Little by little, over the years we have found the tools and methods that work to create magic. Our guitars have been commissioned by many local acts who enjoy using them regularly in their performances. We have built guitars for players in California, Arizona, Oregon, Texas, Georgia, and even now a second one to Germany!
       We have an engineering background, well founded in physics and mathematics, but that alone won't make a great guitar. We grew up surrounded by wood and cabinet making. And from this we learned to work with tools and wood. We developed an eye for this sort of work. So, we feel a true love and passion for the wood and the technology that goes into making a guitar. 
        Anybody that makes guitars will tell you that for all of the design and craft you put into a guitar, the result is still a bit unpredictable. A piece of steel is very predictable, but a piece of wood is much less so. That is the beauty of it, and the true fun of it. You cannot know 100% if a new instrument is going to be great until you string it up and play it. All that we can hope for is that any science we bring to bear will increase our chances of consistently making great instruments. 
         Through the years, we've designed and built race cars, furniture, houses, more race cars, airplanes, specialty engine projects, and more. We bring the level of detail required for those projects to the instruments that we create, and we know that you will appreciate the artistry as well as the engineering goes into making every single note that you play. Enjoy!
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