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Finally, got back to my computer!

I am not a big fan of updating my websites, but this is ridiculous!

I have been very busy with some really interesting projects.

Many of you 60's Surf Guitar players may remember the old Mosrite guitars. I had a call to build one of them, but with some special tricks. Here it is.

That's Glenn playing it. The customer took it away so fast, I didn't get great pictures, but here are a few that I do Have

That is a deep Candy Blue Poly that really sets off the lines and curves. I have been promised the opportunity to get some more pictures soon.

This instrument is special in so many ways

The Seymour-Duncan Pickups are custom winds, and sound deep and full, hum bucker "Groan" when you need it...they also have switching options to make each pickup a series or parallel wind, single coils, and of course you can select bridge or Neck as usual.

even more unusual is the bridge, which is a Schaller design with 6 individual Piezo pickups, wired through a nice blending system by Richter. This system also amplifies and allows you to individually set the volume of each Piezo.....and then you select if you want all magnetic, all Piezo, or a!

Anyway, I now have 2 more in the works!

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