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A nice way to relax!

This picture was taken in the summer (2020). I was going to take the rest of the day off and do my best to make some music. I like to play "fingerstyle" and try to tab out my favorite songs. My long suffering instructor is Gregg Peake, and he tries his best to teach me how to play and further how to listen to music and tab out what I hear. I enjoy this a lot.

My favorite guitar style is a mid size like this, a 14.5 inch lower bout. I do prefer the rich and effortless tone and resonance of a "12 frets to the body" detail for fingerstyle. This beauty is one of my 2 latest acoustic guitars and definitely not for sale. I have 2 more in build now for customers. I will post some more pictures of this one and its brother, similar but a cutaway. It is basically Alaskan Spruce, Old Growth Koa, and Amboyna Burl inlay and binding. Looks great!

I have built these to test some small, but important bracing details. This one was the first prototype, and it so impressed me that I built a second to make sure it was a real advancement. Well, its "twin" cutaway brother is just as good. The bracing modifications are details around X-brace angles, scallop details, and asymmetry from Bass to Treble.

I will post some more photos soon, as well as an update on more electrics I have built after Glenn's Blue electric generated so much interest. These are in a style inspired by the old Mosrite 1960's guitars.


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