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SBAIC in Santa Barbara..Great Event!

More pictures coming..I'm setting up in this picture..

...we had a great time in Santa Barbara at the Fess Parker Hotel on the beach. For those of you who missed it, and if you love guitars, and the beach, and California, we urge you to plan on it next year. The date is not set as of now, but we will keep you informed.

Jutta and I were joined by Glenn and "Susie Q" for this event. Thanks to them for helping us.

We met many new friends and sold a couple of J-Dub Guitars along the way. Sad to see them go, but they have great new homes.

This show was great, with a great location and very good attendance. Kevin does a great job and many thanks to him for putting this show on. We know it is a lot of work.

Many, many people, who came by our booth, were still trying to absorb what can only be described as a "Candy Store for Guitarists". So many great guitars, all custom built, and very high quality. I don't want to forget the many Ukuleles, Mandolins, and Hawaiian lap steels. Probably some other stringed instruments that I didn't see.

We have a few instruments to build over the Fall and Winter.

Thanks for following our blog!

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