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Displayed at the LA Guitar Show April 22,23

We had a table the the show in Van Nuys, CA at the Airtel Hotel, this show put on by Loni Specter Productions.

My wife Jutta and I had a great time, and met many new friends.

As an unexpected treat, the hotel had a nice show in the lounge featuring many great artists, some local but all great to listen to. The last show featured the great Carl Verheyen of Super Tramp fame. If you ever get a chance, go see him perform!

This was not a big show, so the pressure was low, unlike NAMM, which is expensive and 4 long high pressure days. Here's a few pictures we took.

The lobby of the hotel adjacent to the Van Nuys Airport.....pretty cool!

Here's Jutta "manning" the table

3 J-Dub 12'strings in concert

A new friend "Vince" plays while Jutta listens

3 J-Dub 12'strings in concert!

We had a great time. Thanks Loni!

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