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Day 2 and 3 at NAMM

Kennedy got a day off from Doc Petillo at the Guitar Docs. He gave us a mini concert on a 12 string! Great guy, great guitar tech, and a heck of a guitar player.doc himself came by with Mick Raddford. Another graet Guitar player and my long suffering instructer, Gregg Peake also came by. Mike Fenton also made the rounds.

L-R, Billy Clayton, J-Dub, Robyn Saxer, Jutta.....Billy and Robyn are 2 members of the Zen Mountain Poets, they gave us a great little concert featuring Robyn's beautiful voice and Billy's backup guitar and vocals. They are SoCal located so cheeck em out

Robert Rivera also gave us some nice music, but we missed getting him on film! He plays with the Cassie B Project that played center stage Saturday. W missed some others as well, but we thank you all.

In spite of all of the hassle that NAMM is, it is very rewarding when people play our instruments.

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