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A new one, based on a medium size "Hermann Houser" from 1937.

Here are some photos of our latest guitar, a medium size, the shape based on a 1937 "Houser" as played by Andre' Segovia! Its a 14" lower bout and 19" long body.....we made it 4.75 thick and built a 25.4 scale length neck.

This is a nylon string, 12 fret to the body, featuring a laminated top bracing system, with carbon fiber reinforcement.

What this means to you is increased volume, balance across the fret board, and increased sustain. This bracing system gives your guitar "sparkle". We love this bracing system! It is light and stiff, just what you need for volume.

The saddle can also be very light since it has a carbon reinforcement in it as well.

It also features a "compensated nut" that reduces intonation errors up and down the fret board. What it means to you is you can tune the open strings to pitch, and they wont go sharp whet you press the frets, particularly the first fret

These are Gotoh tuners, with ball bearings at the end of the tuner peg, more pop and crack when tuning.....smooth operation!

This is a Cedar top and neck guitar, and some beautiful quilted mahogahny.

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